What is student leadership?

Student leadership is a discipleship program created for high school students. It’s a year-long commitment that involves leadership training, discipleship, opportunities to serve, and challenges to share faith. In short: Student leadership is our way of helping high school students own their faith. 

At Transit SM, we believe that three things make up a great leader. A great leader:

  1. Is a intentional disciple.
  2. Is a sacrificial server.
  3. Is a bold sharer. 

Throughout the year, we work hard to develop these three areas in order to help students become more like Christ and a better leader in the church, their community, and their city. 

The Application:

If you are interested in joining student leadership, please complete the application below before September 22, 2017. Anyone who meets the criteria outlined in the application can apply. We will hold our orientation meeting on September 24, 2017 after the second service. This meeting is absolutely mandatory in order to be on student leadership. We will go through the agreement for student leadership at the meeting, which students will bring home to parents in order to sign off together.