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What are we doing?

In the summer of 2019, we are taking our Student Leadership team down to Los Angeles, California to serve alongside a ministry called the LA Dream Centre. The LA Dream Centre spearheads various service projects and ministries, things such as: Ministering to the homeless population of LA, gang rehabilitation, and community cleanup projects. Our team will be involved many of those areas, as well as many more.


Pray for us.

You can pray for our team in two ways: In Preparation & In Practice. We need God’s help in our preparation, building relationships with each other on the team, getting our hearts ready, and learning to do the ministry that God will lead us to do while we’re there.

We will of course also need God’s help while we actually do the work of ministry in the field. The students & leaders on our team need confidence, patience, and endurance while we work hard in LA. Pray that Holy Spirit will guide us, give us boldness, and give us rest.


Aside from prayer, our team need help raising funds to go on this trip! If you’d like to contribute to the team financially, click or tap the button below.