Transit SM is BP Church’s student ministry.

It’s a youth group, an after school program, a junior high class, and really a community of people walking together in their pursuit of Jesus. 

We have three outlets for students to participate in our program, they are: Friday Nights,The Youth Drop-In Centre (The YDC), and Jr. High Class (JHC).



First of all, Transit SM is for everyone. We believe that we've created a great space for everyone to seek the truth of Jesus regardless of their background, their situations, they're struggles, or even their doubts. Having said that, we are a youth group, which means random 80 year-old dudes can't just show up. Here's who can though:

Friday Nights: Anyone in grades 6 - 12

JHC: Anyone in grades 6 - 8

The YDC: Anyone in grades 6 - 12



We're located in North Central Calgary, with programs running on both sides of Centre Street. Our Friday Night JHC take place at BP Church's Main Campus (16 Bermuda Drive NW). 

Our Friday Night program happens every Friday and runs from 7-10pm. JHC runs during our weekend services and the YDC runs Monday - Thursday after school from 3:00 - 5:30pm.


If you've got a son or daughter in grade 5 or younger, BP Church has a great kids program with fun and engaging activities, teachings, events, and more. 

Young Adults:

If you've finally managed to escape high school and you fall into the mysterious world of young adulthood, BP Church has cultivated a great atmosphere for young adults to connect and journey together. 


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Yearly Events

This is what we've got going on every year.